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  • Are you looking for help for yourself or a friend?
  • You want to protect someone or are worried about a girl?
  • You work with migrant women and want to learn more about the issues?
  • Perhaps you would like to become active yourself and support us.

Feel free to contact us by phone: 0431 26093119

What we offer:

  • Counselling, support and empowerment of girls and women affected or threatened by FGM/C
  • Awareness-raising and education on the topics of health, sexuality and FGM/C for women and men
  • Counselling and awareness-raising on the topic of FGM/C for professionals and institutions
  • Group offers, info café and public relations work

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Renate Sticke
Project manager
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Entesar Al-Bareki
Project staff
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Project staff
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Natsnet Tesfamichal Hagos
Project staff

Frequently asked questions

The abbreviation FGM/C stands for Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting.

This procedure involves circumcising the female external genitalia. The age at the time of circumcision can vary greatly.

Circumcision is often justified by tradition, but there are many other reasons.

Due to circumcision, some girls and women have health and psychological problems.

Yes! Circumcision is forbidden in many countries. In Germany it is a criminal offence.

I am worried that my girlfriend will be circumcised. What can I do?

I am circumcised and pregnant. What does that mean?

I don't dare go to the doctor. Who can help me?

I don't want my daughter to be circumcised. Where can I find help?

I am always in pain. What can I do?

I want to meet other women who have experienced it too!

How to reach us:
Phone: 0431 26093119
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